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History stuff

Jerningham’s 201st birthday – bugger off I’m reading
Jerningham – extract from the novel, first landings
Te Tiriti in Wellington – signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in Wellington
Wellington’s 180th anniversary – Happy birthday Wellington: 12 facts
The History of Tupaia– review of the book about this amazing navigator
Hammocks & Futtocks – life on James Cook’s Endeavour
Our History – learning through stories
Hurt Upon the Sea – The Offences Against the Person Act 1861
New Zealand’s first capital – it wasn’t Russell
Whangaroa – the story of the Boyd Massacre
Edward Jerningham Wakefield – the original wild boy of Wellington
Jerningham’s 199th birthday – a missionary’s viewpoint (it’s not good)
In the Captain’s bathroom – a look around an old sailing ship
William Curling Young – a story from the Nelson archives
The Wairau Affray – just call it a massacre
Wairangi Day – the optimism of Glenn McConnell
The Wakefields on Waitangi Day – Same rights and obligations?
The Rimutaka Incline – ghosts of the gangers who worked the line
Isabel Thorne – congratulations on the MB after a 150 year wait
Wreck of the SS Wairarapa — Historic shipwreck on Aotea Great Barrier Island
Wreck of the General Grant — Diving for gold and buttons

Running and looking up – a run on Te Mata Peak
And running – through new and ancient forests
The running graph – a new way of thinking about being over the hill.
New Zealand’s first capital – 13.5km loop run from Russell. With history.
Opua Kauri walk – 20 minute run in the kauri trees
Omorahoe Traverse – an hour across the hills to Paihia
Running in Mangroves – Coastal run from Paihia
Mahia bush walk – great walking up the coast with hot pools after!

Tall ships

When the Spirit’s on the sea – Learning more than the ropes
Hammocks & Futtocks – life on James Cook’s Endeavour
In the Captain’s bathroom – a look around an old sailing ship
Wreck of the SS Wairarapa — Historic shipwreck on Aotea Great Barrier Island
Wreck of the General Grant — Diving for gold and buttons

Tramping the Abel Tasman – how did the packing work out?
Packing for tramping – walking the Abel Tasman, what to pack?
Biking the Rimutakas – over the old railway line
The three legged pig – campfire stories
Camp fire stories – how to tell a shaggy dog to entertain the kids
The Ballad of Henry Tidswell – a shaggy dog campfire story by Tristan Bayliss
Packing for rafting – a packing list for two day trip down the Ngaruroro
Ngaruroro from Kuripapango to Whanawhana – yes, we fell out
Ferry gliding – ways to cross the Mohaka and other rivers
Kuripapango — how to cross a river

Reading & Writing

African literature – a good starter pack of black writing
When to kindle – I do
Jerningham, a novel – first New Zealand historical novel is published
Blokes and books – men’s book clubs
What does your editor do? – the editorial process
Writing and the dark subconscious – writing during lockdown
The Art of Letter Writing – cross hatched old letters
Why I love Charles Dickens – nighttime company for an insomniac
Economical Writing – a lesson from Hemmingway
Beware the Thesaurus – overuse can kill
Isabel Thorne – historical characters waving from the past
Displaced – second novel of colonial history New Zealand published
Mrs Jewell and the wreck of the General Grant – historic shipwreck novel

Odds & Ends

Pocket sexism – what’s with the girly pockets?
Well matched – when non-bookies work in book despatch
Blackbirds growing in a nest – little cuties
Subversive Christmas Nativity with Cinderella– a panto for home consumption
Squid Game — the failure of modern storytelling


Farm holiday in Mahia – good walks
Toronto streets and jazz – downtown in Tronno
Ortegia and Syracuse – going south in Italy
Walking the Amalfi Coast – thousands of steps
Storms and busses on Capri – in the footsteps of Tiberius
Travelling light – makes me smug

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