Mrs Jewell and the wreck of the General Grant, by Cristina Sanders

Mrs Jewell and the wreck of the General Grant is an imaginary story of what might have happened to the historic fifteen souls who survived the wreck and eighteen months castaway on the sub-Antartic Auckland Islands. The ship —missing for 156 years in a cave on one of the wildest stretches of coastline in the world—is still waiting to be found, though this year alone two wreck hunting expeditions have searched the cliffs. Writing historical fiction doesn’t get more thrilling than this.

Published by the Cuba Press, June 2022 with the support of Creative New Zealand. Available from all good bookshops, but especially Unity Books in Wellington and Wardini Books in Hawkes Bay.

Radio review by Lou Ward of Wardini Books (from 12:55)
New Zealand Listener Vol 281, No.4252 June 25-July 1 2022 p.28-31
Newsroom June 21,2022. Is this the best historical novel of the year?
Book review by Catherine Clarke
Interview with Tanya Ashcroft on Radio Active, Wellington (processing)

For a brilliant background to the real story on which this novel is based, here is a link to Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal, the General Grant session. And if that rocks your boat, you’ll need Worse things happen at sea.

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