Jerningham, by Cristina Sanders

Jerningham by Wellington Author Cristina Sanders

An historical novel of colonial Wellington

Edward Jerningham Wakefield was the wild-child of the Wakefield family, brewing trouble in New Zealand between settlers, government, missionaries and Māori over land and souls and rights. Alive with historical detail, Jerningham tells a vivid and important story of Wellington’s colonial beginnings and of a charismatic young man’s rise and inevitable fall.
Number one bestseller & shortlisted for the NZ Heritage Literary Awards, 2020.

Published by Cuba Press, June 2020
Proudly sponsored by Wakefields Digital

About Jerningham:

  • “A spectacular debut that brings us an immersive, intelligent and well researched insight into the early days of New Zealand’s European settlement.” – Mandy Hager
  • “Carefully researched and emotionally alive, it is an all-absorbing journey to the founding of Wellington. In this debut novel, Cristina Sanders charts the tensions and triumphs of the historical era that shaped modern New Zealand. Dont even bother trying to put it down until the end!” – Thom Conroy

BUY Jerningham from New Zealand bookshops, eg. Unity or Wardinis; mail order from The Cuba Press; or download the ebook on Amazon kindle.


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We had two launch parties for the book in June 2020, where we also celebrated Jerningham’s 200th birthday.
Man, they were fun. I think Jerningham would have loved them.

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